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So after photographing several hundred weddings, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 3 types of Brides out there looking for Wedding photographers. In my opinion, there isn’t a right or wrong, but knowing where you stand will help you pick out your wedding photographer.

Budget conscious couple:

Couples in this category want to hire a wedding photographer within a certain budget, they usually end up hiring a “Traditional Wedding photographer” within their budget. Most in this category are not as concerned with any creative/artistic photos. Their main concern is formal portraits of family, bridal party and guests. They may not even know why they are hiring a wedding photographer other than, everyone else does.


Photographers personality:

Most couples in this category are looking for a photographer who’s personality fits their needs. Often, throughout the wedding day, you might hear the B&G and some of their guest tell the photographer that they are doing a great job! However, they haven’t seen any of there photos yet. Usually, budget isn’t their main concern, but personality is. Which brings us to the third category.


Photographers artistic ability:

Couples in this category hire a photographer who’s work they love, not necessarily their personality or their price, but their style. This B&G want beautiful images of themselves, so twenty, thirty years from now they can look at their album and the images bring them back to the day of their wedding. If you hire a creative/artistic photographer, allow them the freedom to shoot and create from their heart, and not from a “shot list”. Which brings me to Imagen Sevilla Documentary wedding photographers based out of Chicago. We would like to think that our clients hire us based on the artistic imagery that we are capable of, not necessarily because of our personality or definitely not our price.


I hope this has been somewhat helpful for future brides to help narrow down their options.